About Us

At Affordable Ambulance Billing we believe the best clients are informed clients. This is why we work so hard at keeping up on the latest changes in Medicare and Medicaid as well as all commercial carriers. We have a team of staff consisting of physicians, lawyers and former agency administrators to review changes and submit strategies on implementation and the effects to all of our clients.

Who We Are

Affordable was founded by Ronnie Harris. Ronnie has owned and operated multiple private agencies and managed EMS operations for municipal agencies in Georgia as well. He decided to partner with some of the professionals he has worked for over the years. The result was a success! His three tiered approach has been instrumental to our clients by providing services such as medical and clinical direction from a licensed physician, full legal consultation from our in house attorney, and a wealth of knowledge and insight into this unique industry.

At Affordable we believe our insight and experience in dealing with all of the areas of the EMS industry provides our clients with something no other “billing clerk” can provide. That is GUARANTEED SUCCESS!

Our Mission

To maximize revenues for your agency and to do it in the most timely and efficient manner possible. We have a simple philosophy, “Do it Right the first time”. And lastly do it without being a huge financial burden to your operation.