As Medical professionals you practice a systematic approach and assessment to every call. Personal Protection or PPE can be your best defense against becoming infected. Not since the spread of HIV has healthcare realized the need for PPE. We hope that everyone will take time to familiarize their medics on the transmission, signs and symptoms, and to include characteristics such as patients travel history or exposure to someone who has traveled abroad.

Signs and symptoms are flu-like with headaches, fever, myalgias, arthralgias, and chest pain. As the disease progresses the patient may present with bruising and bleeding from their eyes, nose and mouth. This can progress to multiple organ dysfunction and death.

Transmission of the virus is through exposure to infected body fluids to include urine, semen, fecal matter, vomit, saliva and sweat. The CDC encourages everyone in healthcare to use all PPE to include eye protection. Also keep in mind you should not make IV or ET attempts in a moving vehicle if you suspect possible exposure. Other assessment findings which may be useful will be found in your interview such as travel, particularly to places where outbreaks have occurred, namely West African Countries.

While we all understand the need for PPE, the need today is greater than ever. Please take time to drill your medics. Also look to other resources for further and to expand your knowledge.

Check this link for further information.

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