Looks like winter is here and there is some anticipation we may have a repeat of last year. Last year we saw motorists stranded for days, huge delays in transport, and in some occasions no response at all. While everyone should understand these delays, not everyone does. This could be a nightmare for agencies to try and rectify with their facilities and staff. Here are some things to help everyone prepare.

Good maintenance is the best way to prepare, however there are other areas to be mindful of. Below we have listed a few.

AMBULANCE• Keeping units garaged if possible
• Plug in shoreline and make sure glow-plugs are working
• Check all fluids such as oil and anti-freeze
• Check heat both front and back
• Check weather updates and have a plan of action, for example have your crews come in early if you are expecting delays
• Snowchains are very effective however you need to be sure the crews can safely put on, remove and operate
• Encourage your medics to slow down and relay to dispatch any conditions they feel are hazardous i.e. bridge icing
• Also make sure your units have plenty of blankets for both patient and crew
• Have a safety officer on duty to help dispatch respond to the needs of your units

With some preparation you can limit some delays and get through this safely.

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